Boost your On-Shelf Availability with Captana

Captana is a computer-vision-based solution designed to help physical retailers and brands to better monitor shelves, in real-time


The most advanced, scalable and agile shelf monitoring solution

It has been never so easy to finally know what is happening on your store. With Captana, plug our cameras on your shelves, play with the insights!

Intermarché Business Case

Discover in video how Captana helped a leading French grocery retailer to better manage his SKUs, on-shelf availability and overall store efficiency.


Get real-time insights about your shelves

Thanks to shelf-edge wireless minicameras (ShelfEye), Captana helps you visualize in real-time what your customers see in store, in the Cloud and at all times.

Ensure an optimized OSA through live alerts and constant monitoring of your SKUs; trigger automatic re-orders with predefined settings.

Improve on-shelf availability

Leverage agile & actionable insights

Give access to your staff, partners and suppliers to thorough reportings when items go out of stock or when sales are slowing down.

Our Captana solution has already been awarded multiple times across the globe.

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Capture and analyse in real-time what is happening on your shelves thanks to Captana's wireless mini cameras

Captana is fully compatible with the VUSION Retail IoT platform

Captana is fully compatible with the VUSION Retail IoT platform


Captana GmbH | Bundesstr. 16 | 77955 Ettenheim, Germany

E center Warnow Park Business Case

Watch the video and discover how Captana helps E center Warnow Park to increase its on-shelf availability by 3%, improve its labor efficiency and elevate its customer experience significantly.

Captana GmbH | Bundesstr. 16 | 77955 Ettenheim, Germany